I have been interested in woodworking most of my life, My work spans across custom furniture, Christmas outdoor statues, backyard desks, and furniture refinishing.As a childI did rough or less finished work.But later in life I experimented with Routers and various tpes of electric saw. Since then I have focused less on having the best tools and more on special techniques, tricks, and jigs (temporary tools made from wood to make a certain effort easier).

For example, look at the picture below. I rigged up a long 1-by-8-by-10-feet to attached on the front of my work bench. Then when I want to etch out a space for a hinge on the narrow end of a door, I simply clamp the board to be etched to the the jig-A, and now I can take a router and etch out a 16th-of-an-inch piece on the edge of the door to the exact size for the hinge.

I now follow a practice of always making aroug hmodel anything I I want to build, get approval from the person for whom the project is made, and then proceed to build a more finished version. You can see some of my projects on this site. Just select one from this list, which includes a wardrobe (or armoir), a stereo cabinet, a TV cabinet, a a bed head, a deck at my house, and a deck at my son's house.