Good Music To Hear
These are music albums that sounded interesting or quite good.  Sometimes I know the album by hearing it on the radio.  But more often I only know the song name, in which case I put the song name in the third column and find the album name by searching the internet for that song-artist combination.  The order that the rows are in is the order in which the data was entered. Thus, albums that were found, say, the last month, would be found at the top of the table.
Album Artist Song/ Comments
London Suite: Knightsbridge / Covent Garden / Westminster Eric Coates  
From Within Brandon, Lee Song: Attack of the Vibe
(see examples below)   Check or
    Or call Brandon’s folks at 832-559-8847
  Reilly, Ed There’s Blues Everywhere
Rhapsody 1 Bartok, Bela  
Free perpetual motion poulenc  
Opus 25 9r something 25) Glazunov, alexander Could be Prokofiev opous 25, #1
Dreamsville Vance, John  
ACJ Song Book Dave Craig, Kim Ware “Antigua”
Cyrus Plays Elvis Chestnut, Cyrus  
From Within Lee, Brandon  
Attack of the Vibe Lee, Brandon  
Something for Karla   Song: at last
Best of Nina Simone Simone, Nina I need a little sugar in my bowl
My Head (? Body) Barry, John  
Real Emotion Curtis Steiger  
Onazie Alec Grum Song: Sack full of spring (or is that the album)
    Song: Up Jump Spring
Tumbaro (or Tambeso Rizo, Jose  
In Vegas Keely Smith With Don manson, Louie Prima.  Singing Love for Sale
New P0st Tanz 50th Anniversary, Airline Special or Arrival Special Carment McRae, Skyliner Arival Spirit
  Ella: Billy C???  
Plantation to Planetary Marsalis, Winton Jennifer Sewel??
Forever Red Dawn Lopez, Omar  
  Petrucciani, Michel Now available in store
Overjoyed Wonder Stevie Now available in store
  Puppini Sisters Now available in store
  Tin Hat Trio Now available in store
Tonin’ Manhatten Transfer Now available in store
Close Your Eyes Kral Now available in store
  Glasper, Robert Now available in store
Bentyne Bentyne, Cheryl Now available in store
The book of love   Now available in store
The Gathering The Gathering Now available in store
Sketches of Spain, Latin Side of Miles Herwig, Conrad  
Bossa Nova, Craig, Dave, Mills, Cristine  
  Nurell, Andy  
Yesterday the Blues Mahogany, Kevin  
  Wagner, Carl, and ? Whittaker Get Ready
The Magic Hour Marsales, Winton Free to Be
  Cole, Ntr King (and Natalie), Unforgetable.  Starts in F, ends in b-flat, bridge is e flat m 7
Jango Heath, Percy Love Song
Once to Every heart Murphy, Mark Skylark
No Cover  Galaxy McKee, Paul  
Cole, Richie Rose Garden Swing, Chacha
Like a Butterfly Lawfield, Mike Girl of My Dreams
Songs for Dreamers Anthony, Brian Look at me now
  New York Voices Darn That Dream
A weekend with you Caracheola  
Sonatina, 1981 Perry Granger is artist  
By Joseph Horowitz    
Noir Cohen Anat Do It
One Second Please Ben Hur, Ronnie  
  Natalie Cole A Tisket A Tasket
Kalaidoscope Jones, John  
Summertime Henry, Nicole  
  Zantano, Nora  
Timbalero Spanish All Stars  
Timeless Now Eigstee, Scofield, Dayna Stephens  
Diane Hupka Goes to the Movies Hupka, Diane All God’s Children Got ??
    Lovers in New York
Target McGarry, Kate Do Something
Truth and Reconciliation Grant, Darrell  
Too Close for Comfort Wideman, Carol  
  Any Dave Brubeck Standards  
  Le Grande, Michelle What are you Doing the Rest of your Life
Out of Nowhere Bobbe Norris, Mark Murphy Invitation
Time Piece Verbatim Morrie Louder
Borwn Street Zawinul, Joe  
Delphia Marsalis  
Live at the Village vanguard Harrell, Tom  
  Irene Kral  
  Pieranuzi, Enrico  
El Hombre Martino, Pat  
  Denhur, Ronnie  
Regeneration (or reimagination) Eldar  
Homage Moody, James  
  Vaschani, Sachal Please Mr. Ogilvie
Well Water Foster, Frank  
Simone Jean Marie  
Dems Da Breaks Michael ???  
  De Francesco Channel #2
Out of the Past Farmer, Art Who Cares, Singing For Sure
  Wilson, Nancy and Nat King Cole (different albums Day in, Day Out
Two Trumpets: To Duke with Love Framer, Art Out of the Past
Poems of Elizabeth Burton Soussa  
In the City of Lost Things LaCassio, Joe  
Spin Los Angeles (or L.A.) Guitar Qaurtet  
Jazz at the Concertabouw   End of the Love Affiar
Various Violinists, 2006 Bell, Joshua  
  Francesco, Joey and Smith, Jimmy  
  Ariel, Lynn  
A Blessing in Disguise Neimier, Eric Enlarged to Show the Texture.   Tony Monoco on this
Never Tell Your Loverss Brecker, Randy and Harvey, Michael (singer)  
Best of the Concord Years McDuff, Jack Pork Chops & Pasta
Blue and Sentimental Ike Quebec, Grant Green, Paul Chamgers, All right with Me
  Jones, Willie III and Reed, Eric Whale Bait
  Hope, Elmo Sauce, Hot
  Thorton, Carol or Sara Somwhere in the night, Knee Depp in the Blues
Big Band Urban Folktails Sanabria, Bobby  
Burnin’ Broods Monoco, Tony  
The Canvas Gasper, Rob Time and Again
Wonderful Discovery O’Farrel, Arturo  
From Within Lee, Brandon Lee’s Blues
A Thousand Beautiful Things Seagle, Janice  
You and the Night and the Music Ryan, Jackie  
Bryan Lynch Meets Bill Charlot    
Parisian Thoroughfare Brown, Clifford and Roach, Max  
Lotus Blossom Be Quiet Duram, Kenny  
Forever Rd Dawn Lopez, Omar Not sure this is any good.
  Ship, Matthew Equilibriier or Equiliberator
Miles In Person, Friday, at Black Hawk    
  Haberman, Steve Sphericity
Cuban Jazz and Funk Romero (zoro’s??)  
  Nurell, Andy Hanibal’s Revenge
CD Sketches of Spain Conraq or Conrad Herwig, Blue Note 7Steps to Heaven
BoneYard Banks, Ernie Let’s Play Too (Check if good)
Poetica & Noir (2 albums) Annette (or Anot) Cohen Good Jazz clarinet on NPR
Elgar (Eldar?) Eldar Back Talk (his latest CD)
Intuition Dave Brubeck’s sons Bulwinkle Returns
Best of Eddie Harris    
RE-invitation Pelt, Jeremy  
Collaboration Sister Sherrry (Sister Shirley)  
A Long Story Fort, Anot Pianist
The Trumpet and the Bear   (was visiting Houston on NPR).
  Hill, Andrew Houston pianist
  Cortner, Jack Secret Love
Hello Eugene Pink Martini (with China Forbes)  
  Martini, Pat Cisco
Uri Laine Plays Mozart Laine, Uri  
Fearless Shover(shoves?) Richard heeif R&R
Live at the Jazz Standard Russell Malone  
  Russell Malone He said what?
Jazz at the Concertgabrow Ravin, Robert Song = The end of a love Affair
Your Check’s in the mail Bock, Stan  Ensemble Blues for Mr. B
Free Bop Phil Wright (Donald dean on drums)  
I’m with the band Sutton, Tierney  
What a Little Moonlight Can Do Reves, Diane  
East Coast West Coast Thielemans, Toots  
Here Today Antoniuk, Jeff Four in One (by Thelonius Monk)
Endangered Species Pullen, Don Random Thoughts
Eclipse Tibar, Zimo ESP
American Songs Andy Bey Song about a city
Cross Roads Tim Blinss_Valivore  
Bet Your Bottom Dollar Puppini Sisters I will Survive
Afro-Cuban Factory Ponchez, Sancho Let’s Incorporate our Mind
Kelle Moubana Pullen, Don 1992 Blue Note
Mr. ?? Walton, Cedar Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Please Mr. ?? Glasser, William  
Because of You Ritchard, Steve  
Golden Striker Carter, Ron N.Y. Stick
Dams Da Breaks Bee, Michael Dems Da Breaks, Little Boat
West of One Ashepick, Brad, Trio Initiation
  Brekcer Borthers Places to Go, “The South”
Simple Complex Webber, John Drastic Steps
Places to Go Shepick, Brad The South
Capistrano Sessions Buhler, Craig Look at Here
Underground? Walton, Cedar  
Purim, Flora Perpetual Emotion  
Good bye Mr. Evans    
What’s this song by Al Jerreau Perfect Vision, Without a Vision, Awake in Meeting Me, Lotus Flower. A  child is Waiting  
On the Other Side Sutton, Tierney  
  Rava, Enrico Quintet Th Words and the Days, Echoes of Duke
GOOD SITE All About Jazz ( or org  
Night Moves Elling, Kurt  
Up and Running Fedchock, John Mr. Dudley
All Soul Person, Houston Please Send me Someone to Love
Nostalgia Sandoval, Arturo, Trumpet Revolution Tribute to Fats Navarro
Like Minds Burton, Gary and Corea, Chick  
  Barry Lehall Caravan
Black Holes Danish Big Band  
Sinnet Hearing Joe SInnett  
One More for the Road Toots Thielman Old black Magic
  Cole Natalie  
Chasons Vieux Carre Harry Conick Jr. Big Band Some Day You'll be sorry.  Found on alofmp3
Feeling Good Joe Sample and Randy Crawford End of The Line
Play it Where It Lays Berthus ? ? Didn't hear this but just heard ABOUT it.
  Jacques Leseur, Andre ? Beethoven Alegreta Symphony
Oh Boy Larry Goldings Quartet Le Leur
Remeberances Song for Johnny Bug Jon Fadis
I've Got a Thunder and It Rings Kendra Shank Abby Lincoln
Lady Day Jones, Etta (emusic has this) You've Changed, I cried for You
We See Matt Wilson, Stan Getz (Is available) We See Life at the West Bank
Turn Up the Heath Jimmy Heath  
Music to the 5th Power Henry Franklin Tyrone
blue Light till Dawn Wilson, Casandra  
Rockin' with Rahmaninov Silver, Horace  
Let Me off Uptown Stanton, Dakota  
  Whitfield, Scott  (allofmp3 has another of his) This is the end of a beautiful Friendship
NY Jazz Samba Quintet    
Music to Play: Overjoyed    
Plays well with Others Wayne Berjelong All_on_mp3 has this
Blue Velvet Album Person, Houston  
  Cher;yl Benteen Has her own album; was part of Manhatten Transfer.
The Hawk in Hi Fi Hawkins,Coleman  
Dot ComBlues Smith, Jimmie  
Six Pieces of Silver Silver,Horace  
  Lonnie Listin Smith  
Caravan Leehall, Barry , Jr.  
One more for the Road Toots THielman OldBlack Magic
  Heron, Gill Scott  
Autumn Leaves Hanks Jones, Elvin Jones, Joseph Cosma, David ? Alone Together
Incredible Joey De Francesco Back Home in Indiana
Traveling Miles Cassandar Wilson Time after Time
Aint But a Few of Us Left   If I should Loose/need You
Playful Heart Castronevas, Oscar 4 Brothers.
  Danish Big Band Black Hole
Elmo Hope Quintet Elmo Hope Hot Sauce
In the Mood English, Paul  (Champion Sisters)  
I Davis, Miles It never entered my mind
Ian Hobson plays Variations of Xmas Songs Samule Wesley God Bless Ye Merry Gentlement
Christmas Medley Dave Coz (single Bells)  
Swingin with the Blues Hampton Calloway  
  New YorkHardBop Quintet Love Letters
Skin Coat Childs, Billy  
  Murphy, Mark Bop for Miles
Wonderful Town    
Will Rogers Follies    
Peacocks Sunny Rowles, Stan Getz  
     Top Drawer Horace Silver Dollar Brand
Mosa For Baby Person, Houston  
Bach Partitum #8 in E Minor for Violin and Orchestra JS Bach  
Eliot Smith O'Reilly, Christopher  
Make It Happen, Segments Wanward Hopper  
  Bridgewater, DiDi  
  Taylor, Billy  
Shapes The big picture  
Live at Kennedy Center Marcus Milgrew  
Tarenga, Lalo song Faddis  
  Curtis Fuller  
  Sylvester LeBlanc  
  Cyrus Chsetnut  
Stairway to the Stars is good Chet Baker (Do it the Hard Way and My Funny Valentines)  
S Clayton Brothers  
Johnny and But John Faddis  
  Tierney Sutton  
  Dick Hyman  
  Clfiflord Brown and  Strings  
Behind the Bridges Andy Neurell  
  Black Eyed Pea  
  The Ketchup Girls  
  Ron Carter  
  Peggy Lee??  
Dear Ella Deedee Bridgewater  
  Take 5  
Ella?s stuff Regina Carter  
Senate Hearings    
  Marian McPartland  
  Alan Broadbent  
Columbus Suite. Herbert, Victor  
Robert Browning Overture Ives, Charles  
, McDowell Edward  
Piano Music Muczynski, Roberty  
Piano Trios Lalo Schifrin, Gunther Schuller, and Gerald Shapiro...  
  George Templeton Strong  
Symphonies 1 & 2 Wilson, Meredith  
Symphonies 1 - 3 Thompson, Virgil  
Jubilee Charlap  
Some Time Ago Murphy Mark  
Songs for Dreamers Anthony, Brian  
Viervo Ariale, Lynn  
Word is Out Pastorius, Jaco  
Keep Searching Turee, Steve Time Out
Ray Sings, Bassie Swings   I’m Busted
Jungle Soul    
Kynsana Blue Ibraham  
  Braff, Ruby  
Dick Hyman & Sheridan    
Eldar Eldar (good on aaround midnight)  
American Song Andy Bay  
Contradiction Christian Jacob  
String Street after dark Sample, Joe and Walker, T-Bone  
Hamilton Brothers Live at MCG Silver Celebration
Lim In Aid Jimmy Smith Lim’s Blues, O No Babe
Dvorak Complete works for solo piano, vol 21, Inna Poroshina “Eight Waltzes”
Round top Festival  
String Street After Dark  (Perhaps split  that in half) Joe Sample & T-Bone Walker  
Around the City Elias, Elaine  
Invitation Sample, Joe Stormy Weather
The Acoustic Contemporary Cricket, Wolf  
The Gershwin Project Billy Paul Williams  
The Big Picture Shapes  
Say That Geisman  
  Taylor, Billy I wish I knew how it would e to be free
  Fuller, Curtis Five Spot after Dark
  LeBlanc, Sylver Mojo
Livve at the Blue Note Eldar Take the A-Train
Rewind That Scott, Christian  
Nothing Serious Hargrove, Roy Nothing Serious Salima's dance  A day of vision
Once to Every Heart Murphy, Mark You Don’t Know What Love Is., Skylark
Genuine Chestnut Chestnut, Cyrus  
True Blue Owens, Calvin  
Giant Steps Exti, Taylor  
“Say That” = song Geisman  
Yellow Gravy Ammons, Jean  
Farengo (or Tarengo) John Fadis (Lalo = song)  
“All the thigns your are Wanzy, Anthony  
Sinet Hearings “7 days”  
Here Egree (“Egry?” Song: Why
  Nina Simone  
The Outlaw Joe Chambers Poinsiana
  Gordon Goodwin Big Bad Band (featuring Take-6) It Was a Very Good Year
LOOK FOR DOWNLOADS: Bill Evans, Empathy Blue Mitchell, Stratosonic
Remo Palmieri Monte Alexander 'Tete", Montelieu, Songs for Love
Horace Parlan Stan Getz Jerry Mulligan, Classics
Rare Silk, New Weave Luiz Bonfa, Jazz Samba Jack McDuff
The Real Howard Roberts BEst of Tommy Flanagan Jack Wilson, Margo's Theme
Torme Shearing, Evening at Charley's Mary Lou Williams, Giants Brubeck, Adventures in Time
Hank Jones, Bop REdux Richie Cole  
  Shorter, Wayne Alegria
Brown Soldier Stacey Carter In the Evening When the Sun Goe Down
  Brad Muldhauer Blackbird
Bachianis Brasileiras Shorter, Wayne  
A Time for Flow Wonder, Stevie Download
Senate Hearings Jason Ned  
  City Rhythm Orchestra and Joey DeFrancisco The Cat
Dressed to Chill Meadows, Marian  
Dear Ella Bridgewater, AIDI, David Craig  
Acabella Track Voice Treck Take 5
Live @ the Madrid Lundy, Carmen  
  LeBlanc, Sylvester Momo
Out of Towners Jarret, Keith  
  Henry, Nicole Cheek to Cheek
Brown Chestnut Cyrus Chestnut  
  Byers, Jackie (Pianist who trained Jason Moran)
  Marie, Rene Hard Days Night
Fax ManMan? Or Sax Man? Taylor Igstein Gian Steps
Abordonlu Golden, Larry  
Word is Out Pastorius, Jaco  
Role Call Mosely Matt  
Petruciani Plays Petruciani Petruciani DOWNLOAD
  Morgan, Lee, DOWNLOAD
Forty Years of Charlie Brown XMAS Chaka Kahn ing Xmas Song DOWNLOAD
Music for a Young Prince Ridoit,Godfrey  
Jazz and Chamber Music, American Landscap Laura Nero, Keith Emerson, Billy Chiles  
Jazz at Love’s End Concord Xmas 2 DOWNLOAD
  Childs, Bily Influenced by Laura Nero and Keith Emerson; Hope in the face of despair
In My Time Wilson, Gerald “So What”
Silver Celebration Hamilton Back in the Swing of Things
Our New Orleans Toussaint, Allen Tipitina and Me
Shades of Bey Bey, Andy River Man, Shades of Blue
  Taylor, Billy If you really are concerned
Spirit Up  Above Turre 3 for the Festival
Feeling Good Gibbs, Terry  
Taylor Made—Live with Dizzy G. Taylor, Billy  
This is Life Cole, Freddy  
Ancestral T London, Julie  
Spirits from Above Turre, Steve  
Mellow Madness Jones, Quincy Bluesette
Tribute to Roland Kirk Turre, Steve  
  Jazz Messengers Doodlin’
  Mingus Big Band Song:MDM
Remembering Covie (Coby?) Gill, Ralph, Heywood, Andry You Don’t know What Love Is
Porgy & Bess  Marshall, Wayne  
Lester Meets Monk Rollins, Sonny  
By Word Of Mouth Pastorius, Jaco Used to be a Cha Cha
  ? Harris, Murphy, Mark Invitation
  Williams, Joe, Shaw, Marlena Is You Is or Is You Not My Baby
  Mingus Big Band Song: MDM
Taylor Made Taylor, Billy Song: I wish I knew hwo to be free
In the Spur of the Moment Turee,Steve  
Fields of Gold Stafford, Terell  
  Steigers, Curtis Baby Plays Around
Scherbert’S Senjen Sung by Thomas Quastoff See joel at his store
Dreaming Wide Awake Wright, Lizz  
Sweet Momie Brown, Jewel This Bitter Earth
Snooking with Clarence Wilkerson, Don  
Jazz & Chamber Music American LandScape  
The Reed Thing Over Davis Blue Notes
  Randy Newman  
Putin’ on the Ritz Eric Reed  
Bach Mass in B Minor played on 9/1 on KUHF    
Get sheet music, Pathetique, Beethoven, C-minor    
Live at the house of Tribes Marsalis, Wynton  
Fantasy on a Theme from Thomas Talis Vaughn Williams  
Ray Charles and Fathead Newman, Doodlin’    
  Geral Wilson In my Time
Live at the BlueNote Sandoval, Arturo The Real Bebop
  Norah Jones Like Home, Come Away With Me
  Peyroux, Madeleine Careless Love
  Stevens, John Red (2005)
?? for English Horn, Harp and Strings Piston, Walter  
Leaves Of Grass Elling, Kurt  
Spirits Up Above Turrell, Steve  
Concert in France Petruciani Brazilian, “C for You”,Caravan
  Hazeltine, David Witchcraft
Speak No Evil Shorter Wayne  
Songs of Leonard Bernstein Charlap, Bill Somewhere
Alexander Goudenoff, Opus 15, 5 Noveletts, St. Petersburg Violin Quartet 1: Waltz, 2. Hungarian Style
Another Kind of blue Erdwig, Conrad  
Hucklebuck Owens, Calvin  
Live at the MCG Hamilton, Clayton Silver Celebration
Interesting Changes C#  
  Blind lady we saw Song: I’ll be lovin’ you allthe time (Originally by Stevie Wonder).
That’s What I Say Scofield, John  
Keep it Simple Fuller,Curtis  
  Donna Summer  
  Kirk Rosenwinkle  
Tokyo Live?? Marlena Shaw Here’s to Love, etc.
  Champion Sisters Song “In the Mood”; this group is from Houston
  Cedar Walon Song: Con Alma
Out of Towners Jarret, keith  
  Luciana Soza  
Along Came Betty/ Bridges of Madison County Blakey, Art Moanin
CornuCopia John Faddis and  
  horn player  
Rememberances John Faddis and  
  horn player  
Another Side of Miles Davis Sanchez, Pancho Freddy Freeloader
??Find Album Davis, Miles Someday my Prince will come, I  thought about You.
Desert on the Moon Heromi  
Happy Medium Silver, Horace Que Pasa
  Washington, Dinah Blue Gardenia
Black Bottom Allen, Geri  
Suiite for ???, 2 pianoes, G or F# Aronski, Antone  
Horizon Reassembled Watson, Bobby  
How’s your Mother McCann I can dig it
Big Band Mahogany, Kevin It Don’t mean a thing if it Ain’t got that Swing ( in Latin)
  Passos, Risa  
  Cambridge Singes sing something about water by Daedalus.  
Class Kahn Kahn, Shaka  
  Gerald D. Wilson Big Band  
On the Radio Summer, Donna  
Love Bronner, Till  
Blue Bossa, Vol. 2, Cool Cuts Lou Ralls Out of print
Music from movie The Village Hahn, Hillary  
Concerto #2 Rachmaninoff  
Pianist Charlotte Muller plays works of “Jemen tai affair” Florence B. Price  
For those in Love, Blue Gardenia Washington, Dinah  
  Cello Trio Café Paris
  Cello Trio Batuque
  Arrows of Time for Trombone and Piano: Movement 2 Joseph Alessi
  'Putumayo Presents: Kermit Ruffins'  
  A loose collective of young, mostly white musicians is carrying on the tradition of Chicago's AACM (the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians). They play abstract, dissonant "free" jazz, but mix it with a rock aesthetic and elements of hip-hop, rap and pop music.  
Givin’ Away the Store Shaw, Woody Great straight-ahead tunes
Gypsy Aires DeSaro Sate, Pablo  
Vibrate Manhattan Transfer  
  Andy Nurrell  
West Coast Classics Jazz    
  Russ Job  
For Dancers Only Chet Baker  
Dangerous Agent Wolff, Michael Impure Thoughts
Another Mind Uehara, Hiromi  
Brain Uehara, Hiromi  
Lonely Runs Both Ways Krause, Allison  
Petite Messe Solennelle Gioachino, Rossini  
  Mayfield, Irvin (Erwin?)  
Half Past Midnight    
Vibrate Manhatten Transfer  
Too Damn Hot    
  Andy Nurell  
Hymns Chapman, Beth Nielsen  
Irish Rhapsody Stafford, Sir Charles  
Banjo and the Fiddle Kroll, William  
Careless Lovers Peyroux, Madeleine  
One Entrance, Many Exits Waldron, Mal Song: Blues in 4 by 3
Henry, Nicole   Song: Nearness of ;you
McCann Limited McCann (with Lou Ralls) Willow weep for me
Scissor Sisters    
Careless Lovers Peru, Madeline Rounder Records
Soul Shadow Sample, Joe  
Beethoven, Lark Ascending and Chacun Hahn, Hillary  
Down Home Hersch, Fred  
Poems of Walt Whitman Hersch, Fred  
Scattet # 1 (or plus 1) Thigpen, Ed Reaps fand I, Dance of the Nibletts
Eternal Journey Jones, Sean  
Bassie and Beyond Qunicy Jones, Sammy Nastico  
Buzz Ben Addson ???ATION
Sound Track from Kansa City Altman, Robert Yea, ManYea, Man
    Moton Stomp
Full Nelson Nelson, Steve Sunny Side Records, Kurt Leitsy
Bop for Miles Murphy, Mark You go to my head
Song forthe Geese? Murphy Mark  
Life of a Song Alan, Jerrry  
Seven Days of Fall E.S.T. (Esbjorn Svensson) “In My Garage”
  Marlena Shaw “I’m in a N.Y. State of Mind”
Blue Songs Gray,Kelly Some Other Time
Olstead, Renee Olstead, Renee “Making of a child star”
    “insider” “End of Days”
    Continental Airlines.
At Newport McRae, Carmen Willow weep for me
  Billy Holiday, Ella F.  
Jazz After Dark McRae, Carmen Willow weep for me
Horizon Reassembled Watson, Bobby  
Language of Love?? Welsman, Carol  
Very Thought of You?? Orna  
  Jones, Etta Don’t Go to Strangers.
Moro Sito Si, or memento sisall, or Sueno Americano Oro Negro  
Accentuate the Positive Jerreau, Al  
  Harrington, Carry Lou  
Lion & Wolf Morgan, Lee Midtown Blues
  Lou Rawls Might as Well be spring
LeeWay Morgan, Lee  
Swingin’ the Samba Silver, Horace  
Joel’s Classical Shop Weslayan & Bissonnet Joel Greenspan
Time Flies Lewis, Ramsey Has Poco Allegretto from Symphony #3 in F Major,
    Second Thoughts’, Wade in the Water, Open My Heart,  Air from Suite #3 (6:24) , 
    Hide & Seek Midnight at the Oasis, Last Dance, Estrellita,
    In Crowd, Hosanna
Cedar Walton Plays Best Of Cedar Walton If I had you.
Nearness of You Henry, Nicole “Summertime”
In the Spur of the Moment Turre, Steve  
Reaps and I Scatett#1 (or plus 1)  
Eternal Journey Jones, Sean Dance of the Nibletts
  Take 6 Music Singers
Songs of Leonard Bernstein Charlot, Bill  
Another Kind of Blue Herwig, Conrad Freddy Freeloader
Etta Jones Sings Lady J Etta Jones All of Me, etc.
  Moody, James Dahoud
The Passage Nurel, Andy  
Buzz Allison, Ben & Medicine Wheel Respiration
Close Your Eyes Elling, Kurt Ballad of the Sad Young Man
Dreamer Elias, Eliane  
Live at the Jazz Standard Lonnie Plaxico Group Lee Morgan Thing
Finlandia, Hindemith, Bernstein, Rhapsody in Blue-Carousel   Get these from lilbrary for collection
Weinberger, Jaromir, Polka/Fugue frojm the opera Schwanda The Bagpiper, 1927,  
  Outcast of Poker Flats (’32), Wallenstein (’47),Saratoga (’41)  
Monica Mancini’s Album The Ultimate Mancini Has Take 6 on it
Pleasure Sensitiva Whitfield, Tony  
  Duke Ellingto &  Ray Nance Take the A Train
Soul Access Wayne Henderson Jazz Crusaders (not original crusaders)
? In New York Chick Corea Bessie’s Blues
BedTime Stories Childs, Billy Night Train
Poetry of Love Hagenback  
Song for the Geese Murphy, Mark You Go to My Head
Your Are My Sunshine Cyrus Chestnut It’s allright with me
Straight and Smooth Lyle, Bobby Straight No Chaser
Priority Davis, Orbert  
Lost Sonatas Antheil, George (Classical)
Classics Meets Cuba Klaas Brothers  
Bach’s Partitae # 6 (E minor) Sheet Music Heard on Joan of Aracadia
  BWV 825-30, BG iii 154, NBA  V/ii  
Dreyfus Night in Paris Marcus Miller, Michel Petrucciani, Kenny Garrett  
  Jackson, Milt Xong: Evidence
Dancing in the Dark Sutton, Tierney  
Don’t Explain Frahm, Joe, & Muldauer East of the Sun
Homage James Moody Glenn Gary Glenn Ross
  Garrett, Kenny Happy People
?? ?? Goodbye, Mr. Evans
Brighter Days Brayden,Don  
These Times Stern, Mike  
Mass in C-Minor Mozart K427, Bavarian radio Chorus, Bernstein, Deutche Gramaphone 43179
Mozart Fantasy in c# Minor    
Take it from the Top James, Bob Downtown
Margerine Eclipse StereoLab This is a new one, but they were better when  the lead female singer was with them.  She died some  time ago.  So look at old ones.
Hartman for Lovers Hartman, Johnny  
Social Call Person, Houston Not sure it’s the one I heard on radio
Wild Honey Arile, Leonard  
Love for Sale    
You’re my Thrill    
May the Music Never End    
All Love    
Live in Tokyo    
Music button    
And Friends    
Artist: Lew Del Gatto    
CD Title: Katewalk    
Label: Naxos    
Composer: Lew Del Gatto    
Year: 2000    
Las Aries (or New Conceptions)    
A Little Moonlight    
Jazz You’ll Love    
Mixin’ it Up    
“April in Paris” (Song)    
The Stars in My life    
You Inspire Me    
Golden Striker    
52nd St.    
Sunday Kind of Love    
One 4 Jay    
Blue Lounge    
Happy People    
A Song for You    
“Give Me That Wine”    
World Of Trouble    
“But Not for Me”    
Jazz Christmas    
Pride & Joy    
Wonderful Town    
Weset End Blues    
Higher Ground    
At the Tridium    
Bad Plus Or Bad Class?    
Sequilibrium, Anti Pop    
Noble & Sentimental Waltzes    
Fantasy Way    
Ghostly Rag    
Chabrier, Emmanuel    
Song of  a New Race    
High Note    
Golden Striker    
All My Tomorrows    
New Old Standards Album    
The Land of Giants    
Soul Session    
Live in Chicago    
The Stars in MyLife    
This is the Life    
The Other Side of Time    
In A Moment    
The Party    
Rh Factor    
Salt Open    
Live at Bradleys    
How’s Your Mother    
The Touch of your Lips    
Live at the Otter Crest    
Benny Carter Jazz Giants    
Slide Hampton    
Blue Muse    
No Nonsense    
Half Past Autumn    
Much Less    
Classic Jazz    
Bbop Big Band    
Falling in Love Again    
Fountains of Wayne    
Cancerto Grosso in D Minor  String Quartet    
The Men in My Life    
Bad Plus (or Bad Class?)    
Equilibrium (Ethan Anderson)    
Anti-pop vs Matthew Ship    
Ballads, Remembering John Coltrane, DayDream,  Azure Te. Collage    
Life: In New York    
DotComm Blues    
TheWar Song    
Every Day    
Buena Vista  Social Club    
Joe Sample’s Greatest Hits    
Vision of a New World    
Legend of 1900    
In a Sentimental Mood    
By Request    
Song:Robodatum(donatum French for given    
Thermonica (?)    
So Little Time    
Faces and Places    
Best of Lady Day    
“Tomato Kiss”    
Bebop Big Band    
The Pecan Tree    
One day Forever    
Paradise: “Daybreak”    
“Once Upon a Time”    
Living in Paris, All My Tomorrows:    
Summit Meeting    
Some of My Best Friends are Trumpet Players    
By Ourselves    
Close to So Far    
Thought Lines    
Slice of Pi    
Still Swingin    
Savoring Every Note    
New Smiles and Traveled Miles    
Live at Montreux Jazz Fes.    
Stay Tuned    
In the Now    
My Father's House    
Hey IT's Me---Left Coast Clave Records    
Still Swingin'    
Flights of Fancy    
Stay the Night    
Let's Play Stella    
Like Cozy    
Time Café    
Blue York