The books shown here are either ones that I have read or that I thought were interesting sounding and I will read.

The order of this list is by the date I entered the book name into tis file.  Thus, the more recent books of interest at arethte top of the list.
Three Cups of Tea Mortenson, Greg A former climber builds schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan
Omnivore’s Dilema Pollan, Michael Tracking dinner from the soil to the plate, a journalist juggles appetite and conscience
This I Believe Allison, Ja, Gediman, Dan Eighty essayists complete the thought begun in the book’s title
This is your Brain on Music Levitin, Daniel A rocker-turned-neuroscientist on the connection between music and human nature
Blink Gladwell, Malcolm The importance of instinct to the working mind
Rachael Ray: Just in Time Ray, Rachael 15 and 30 minute recipes for cooking on a tight schedule, as well as 60-minute recipes for leisurely days
1000 Places to See Before You Die Schultz, Patricia A guide for traveling the world.
Cesar’s Way Millan, Cesar Dog owner’s manual from the host of Natl. Geographic Channel’s Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan
The Dangerous Book for Boys Iggulden, Conn Skipping stones, tying knots and other essential activities
You: Staying Young Roizen, Michael Principles of longevity and how to combat aging’s effects
A Father’s Law Wright, Richard  
The Singularity is Near Kurzweil, Ray What will man look like and do 200 years from now.
God Save the Fan Will Leitch About Sports Fans
Internation Management Lee, Kate  
Geoggraphy of Bliss Weiner, Eric  
Staying young Roizen, Michael How your body is like a city
Musicophilia Sacks, Oliver Music and the Brain
Lone Survivor Luttrell, Marcus How he saved people in Afganistan
Quiet Strength Luttrell, Marcus All about Rosa Parks
Quiet Strength Dungy, Tony  
Rescuing Sprite Levin, Mark  
Good Dog, Stay Quindlen, Anna  
How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk Faber, adele  
The house on boulevard street kirby , kirby
God Isn’t Great Hitchens, Christopher Confessiions of an atheist
No Country For Old Men McCarthy McCar
  Mailer, Norman  
The Relevant Fundamentalist    
Listening is an act of love   Story Corps
Naming the World and Other  …. Craysis  
Schultz and Peanuts   Book on relationship of Charles S. to what’s in Peanuts
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Alexie, Sherman  
Time and Materials Hass, Robert  
Legacy of Ashes; History of the CIA Weiner, Tim  
Tree of Smoke Johnson, Denis  
The Indian Clerk Levette, David T
The Book of Vice Peter Seigle (or Wait, wait don’t tell me.  
Stumbling Blocks, Stpping Stones Benedict  
Consequences Lively, Penelope  
Girls Go Mild: Young  Women Reclaim Self-Respect Shalit, Wendy  
American Furies: Crime, Punishment, and Vengence in the Age of Mass Imprisonment Abramsky, Sasha  
The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil Zimbardo, Phillip  
Spices, 50 Dishes Kohate, Ruta  
Live Free from Asthma & Allergies Curler, Ellen  
What Color is Your Parachute….for Retirement    
In the Country of Men Matar, Hisham  
Intellectual Devotional Kidder, David S.  
Kafka Crumb, R.  
Animals, Vegetables, Miracles Kingsolver, Barbara  
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men    
First novel, 1000 Children born on special day in India Rushadi  
The Catastraphist Bennet  
Every Man’s Rules for Scientific Living Tiffany, carrie  
The Last of her Kind Nunez, Singrid  
Classic Feynaman, Feynman, Richard  
Hotel Dulac    
Poem: “Trhe Mower” Larkin, Philllip  
Floating Certainty Persing, Amy  
Amsterdam McEwan, Ian Reread
The Comfort of Strangers McEwan, Ian Reread
Unknown Terrorist Flanagan, Richard  
A Woman in Charge Bernstein, Carl  
Her Way Girth, Jeff  
Loan Surviver Litrell, Marcus  
Obama Journey  
Gravedigger's Daughter Oates, Carol Tracks the life of a German immigrant's daughter and her struggle to forge an identity in post-World-war 2.
New England White Carter, Stephen (author of Emperor of Ocean Park) The murder of a prominent black economics professor threatens to uncork the racial secrets of a college town past.
Tales from Q School Feinstein, John Profiles players at the annual PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament, a six-round contest where aspiring newcomers and veterans ALIKE COMPETE FOR A PLACE IN ONT TOUR.
The Canon: A Whirling Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science Angier, Natalie She offers her own witty, idiosyncratic primer on tee sciences…an exuberant Cliffs Notes for grown-ups on the core principles of physics, chemistry, evolutionary and molecular biology, geology and astronomy.
Remainder: A Novel McCarthy, Tom The narrator, becoming extremely rich after an accident than causes memory loss, uses his wealth to reenact things he might remember or events by witnessed. Buying and renovating buildings, hiring role players, always looking for perfection through endless repetitions, The narrator and even his hired "facilitator" are loosing touch with reality, which leads to surprising and blockbuster ending.
Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future McKibben, Bill Economy challenges the reader to imagine a future of thriving local economies where people act in community, instead of according to their own isolated best interests.
Stealing Buddha's Dinner : A Memoir Nguyen, Bich Minh This memoir captures the many nuances of being Vietnamese in the 12980s right-wing Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Copes with  life she develops three different world, the one insider her home, outdoors in G.R.,and in her books and TV.
The Friends of Meager Fortune Richards, David Adams Follows the rise and fall of New Brunswick lumber barons and is a modern take on classical tragedy.  It possesses a rare combination of page-turning intensity and meditative depths.
Dog Years: a Memoir Doty, Mark This beautiful memoir rings with truth and great writing.  From the very first page Doty's careful observations---and his intricate confrontation of loss, love and nearly unswayable bonds between dogs and humans=catch you up in a world illuminated by his elegant language and steady gaze.
Ant Farm: And Other Desparate Situations Rich, Simon These super-short, imaginative essays keep me laughing the whole way through.  Each piece starts from idel speculation (What do video game characters say inside the the cartridge?  How do ant-farm inhabitants react to being stymied by glass in their tunneling efforts?)
The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish Blackwell, Elise A doctor in his 90s on the eve of Hurricane Katrina, remembers the fateful spring of 1927: He was 17, in love, and on the verge of a big life change.  The story of the 927 Flood, dynamiting levees in N.O., story of his doomed town.
The Reluctant Fundamentalist Hamid, Mosin Elegantly written as a monologue in the voice of Changes, a Pakistani man in conversation over a meal in Lahore.  We learn of the charmed life he led in the U.S. and how perceptions of one's identity can  radically fluctuate due to circumstances.
The End of the World As We Know It Goolrick, Robert Powerful memoir from an extraordinary craftsman. Welding chapters like wood chisels, paragraphs like a carpenter's plane, and words like a fine-grained sandpaper, the author lays bare a history of family secrets concealed under well-polished veneer.  Has the elegance of Truman Capote.
Love in a Torn Land: Joanna of Kurdistan: The True Story of a Freedom Fighter's Flight from Iraqi vengeance Sasson, Jean She reveals the beauties and the horrors of Kurdish freedom fighter Joanna al-Askari's life is compelling.
Because She Can Clark, Bridgie Fiction
The Fortune Quilt Rich, Lani Diane Fiction
Valentine: A Love Story Raymo, Chet Fiction
Family Romance Lanchester, John Non Fiction
The Golden Road: Notes on my Gentrification Millner, Caille Non Fiction
Necessary Sings: A Memoir Darling, Lynn Non Fiction
Priest Bruen Ken. Mystery/Suspense
The Fabric of Night Peters, Christoph Fiction
A Far Country Mason, Daniel Fiction
Mothers and Sons Toibin, Colm Fiction
Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die Heath, Chip and Heath, Dan Non Fiction
A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder--How Combed Closets, Cluttered Offices, and On the Fly Planning Make the world a Better Place Abrahamson, Eric Non Fiction
Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace…One Schoolat at Time Mortenson, Greg and Relin, David Non Fiction
Working Stiff: The Misadventures of an Accidental Sexpert Stoddard, Grant Non Fiction
Nerve Damage Abrahams, Peter Mystery/Suspense
Ralph Ellison, a Biography Rampersed, Arnold  
Look Both Ways Gardner, Jennifer Her experience as a bi-sexual
What athe Dead Know Llippman, Laura People Disapear.
Black and White Shaprio, Danny Based on Sally Mann who photographed kids in the nude.
China Road Gifford, Rod He’s on NPR.  His interesting trip through China.
  A Who’s Who of Emerging Young Novelists  
Daniel Alarcon Kevin Brockmeier Judy Budnitz
Christopher Coake Anthony Doerr Jonathan Safran Foer
Nell Freudenberger Olga Grushin Dara Horn
Gabe Hudson Uzodinma Iwela Nicole Krauss
Rattwut Lapcharoensap Yiyun Li Maile Meloy
ZZ Packer Jess Row Karen Russell
Akhis Sharma Gary Shteyngart John Wray
Teilhard and the Future of Humanity Meynard, Thierry  
The life of the Mind Schall, James SJ On the Joy  and Travel of Writing
Baseball Smarter Hammer, Zap On Saturday NPR, 4/7/-7, Scott Simon
Transfiguartion: Meditation on Ourselves Transforming and the World    
Virign, The Untouches History Blank, Anne  
You Don’t’ Love Me Yet Lethem, Jonathan  
Einstein, His Life and Universe Isaacson, Walther  
Local Eating Kinsolver, Barbara  
Waltamrt Lichtenstein, Nelson  
A Spot of Bother Haddon, Mark  
The Stolen Child Donohue, Keith  
The Secret Life of Houdini Kalush, William  
Theories of Everything Langone, John  
Fix It and Forget It Pellman, Phyllis 5 ingredient f;avprs
Five Spcies, Five Dishes Indian Recipes 80-8996 in Publishers paperback club
Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes Atul Gawande  
Sur ‘Nuff Shame McKenzie, Dave Dave from the Mountain
Peters Lost Highway  
The Yiddish Policemen’s Union Chabon, Michael  
Finding God in All Thingssss Grogan, Brian  
The Day MyMothe Died    
A Priest, A nun and their Son By author of “VOWS”  
Dog years, Grogan, John  
Marley and Me    
175 Essential Slow Cooker Classics Finlayson, Judith  
God Created the Integers Hawking, Stephen  
The Handy Math Answer Book Barnes-Sarney, Patricia  
The Double Bind Bohjalian, Chris ( thriller)
Sacred Games Chandra,Vivian  
<New Book> McCann, Colum  
Who Wrote Legends of the Fall?  Does he have a new book?    
The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf    
Ten Days in the Hills (Mystery) JNHooked  
SHow Young Women Pursue Sex Stepp, Laura  
Red Carpets and other Banana Skins Everret, Rupert  
Dancing to Alnendra Montero, Mayra  
AK 47Weapon that Changed the face of war Kahaner, Larry  
Everything Belongs Rons, Richard  
Leonardo’s Notebook H. Ann Suh (Edited by Jim Harris)  
Infidel Hirsi, Ali  Ayaan  
Power, Faith and Fantasy, America in the Middle East Oren, Michael  
Out of Eden Burdick, Alan  
The Bastard on the Couch Jones, Daniel  
Comma Sense Lederer, Richard  
The Ape in the Corner Office Connniff, Richard  
Painted Veil Naomie Norton Watts  
The Handy Math Answer Book Sweeny, Patricia  
The People's Act of Love Meek, James  
Night Mowing deNiord, Chard  
Dispatch Little, Bentley  
The Night Gardener Pelecanos, George  
One Mississippi Childress, Mark  
American Pastoral Roth Phillip  
AA Fine day to take a walk in the country Anita Farah ( Paul Wilder)  
A Date with John Waters    
Talk Talk Boyle, T.C. A tense thriller about our 21st-century identity crisis.  Deaf  teacher has identity stolen
Topics in Calamity Physics Pessl, Marisha Cheeky between JD Salinger and Jonathan Safran Foer.  Intellectual whodunit.
The Moebius Strip Pickover, Clifford  
A Short History of Nearly Everything Bryson, Bill  
Why DO Men Fall Asleep Legner  
After Sex (and other books by this author.    
The Eecho Maker Powers, Richard.  FILE STUFF  
Mind Gym    
Lolita Nabakoff  
Practical Mono Mamone, Mark  
A Drunk Man Looks at Thistle    
Angl Saxon Attitudes    
The Math Instinct Keith Devlin  
Emperical Life in the Emerald City, Inside Iraq’s Green Zone Raviv Chandra-Sekaram  
Trapped by Fears Cecero, John J., SJ  
The Shape of Things to Come: Prophecy and the American Voice Marcus,Greil Culture-critic hncon Marcus (Lipstick Traces; Mystery Train) lassoes everything from John Winthrop to David Lynch andPhilip Roth into this meditation on American exceptionalism.
Things I Didn't Know: a Memoir Robert Hughes Knopf) Former art critic of Time magazine and best-selling author  (The Shock of the New) opens with an account of the horrific 1999 car wreck that nearly killed him, then moves back in time to his upbringing in Australia and his early years as a writer and critic.
Making Globalization Work Stiglitz, Joseph E. (Norton) Nobel Prize winner in economics.  Stiglitz focuses on policies that can make globalization work for the good of all.
The War of the World: Twentieth Century Conflict and Descent of the West Ferguson, Niall (Penguin) Iconbustin British historian asks why the 20th century was the bloodiest in history and q questions whether Asia rather than the West emerged on top of its end.
Size Matters Hall, Stephen S. (Houghton Mifflin) Five-foot-six Hall documents how short men suffer in social status and pay and "reveals how short people can and do thrive in spite of this insidious bigotry.
Just Kids Smith, Patti (Ecco) The writer, artists and performer recalls her relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in this coming-of-age narrative  set in early '70s New York
A Photographer's Life 1990 - 2005. Annie Leibovitz Random House)  A selection of Leibovitz's photographs from the past 15 years documents, among other things, her relationship with her companion Susan Sontag, who died in 2004, and the birth of her three daughters.
A Well-paid Slave Snyder, Brad (Viking) Billed as the first extended treatment of the subject, the book tells the story of St. Louis centerfielder Curt Flood and his famous 1970 lawsuit that ruined his career but revolutionized baseball.  By killing off the reserve clause he paved the way for today's free-agent millionaires.
Point to Point navigation: A Memoir Vidal, Gore (Doubleday) Notables ranging from Jack and Jacqueline Kennedy to Tennessee Williams to Greta Garbo cross the pages of this book, which picks up where Vidal's previous memoir, Palimpset, left off.
Pigeons Blechman, Andrew D. Everything you ever wanted to know about "the world's most revered and reviled bird."
House of Hilton Oppenheimer, Jerry (Crown) Billed as "an eye-popping portrait of one of America's most scandal-ridden families," the book revisits escapades of several generations of Hiltons, from the eccentric Conrad to the "celebutante" herself.
iWoz Wozniak, Steve and Gina Smith (Norton) Co-founder of Apple Computers tells how he "invented the personal computer and had fun along the way."
Malcolm X, Helfer, Andrew first two entries in a new line of graphic biographies.  Helfer, the series creator, is a group editor at DC Comics.
History of Love    
Unequal Childhood    
Misquoting Jesus Ehrman, Bart  
Londonstani Malkani, Gautam Asian in London
One Percent Doctrine Suskind, Ron  
The Whole World Over Glass, Jung Worth a Try
Into My Own Kahn, Roger Worth a Try
The Ruins Smith, Scott Author of “Simple Plan”
The Road McCarthy, Cormac Time travel, post apocalyptic America
After This McDermott,  Alice portrays a middle-class American family caught up in the "social, political and spiritual upheavals" of the 1950s and 60s.
The Mission Song le Carre, John. Naïve young interpreter son of an Irish father and Congolese mother, get drawn into a seamy British intelligence plot in this post-Cold War Thriller
A Spot of Bother Hadon, Mark Recent retiree George Hall decides his eczema is really cancer.  Life spirals downhill, comic romp.
When Madeline was Young Hamilton, Jane A tragic accident leaves a beautiful young wife with the mind of a 7-year old in this family drama spanning two generations.
Lesley's Story Stephen King After 25 years of marriage, Lisey Landon's husband dies, and she must confront the mysteries he kept from her and she has chosen to avoid
The Echo Maker Powers, Richard A young man flips his truck on a Nebraska road.  Waking from a coma he believes his older sister, his only close kin, is an imposter -- a rare brain disorder known as Capri syndrome.  The novel....rainl explores the improvised human self and the even more precarious  b
The Uses of Enchantment Julavitis, Heidi A 16-year old girl is abducted after field hockey practice at her all-girl school.  A few weeks later she reappears unharmed.  What really happened to Mary Veal?
What happened Before He Shot Her? George, Elizabeth The wife of a Scotland Yard detective is shot dead on her doorstep.  The solution to the mystery lies with three orphaned children.
Collected Poems 1947-1997 Best known of the beats  
Collected Poems of  C.K.Williams 400 poems, 4 decades  
The Road to Al-Quaeda and the Road to 9/11 Wright, Lawrence he be
The Night Gardner Pelecanos, George There's a community vegetable. Garden in Greenway Washington.  A body if sound.  Then they go into the future.
Stick your Tongue Out Ma? Tibetan Stories
Another Day in the Frontal Lobe Firlik, Katrina Brain Surgeon
Nickel and Dimed Einreich, Barbara  
Out Foxed Alexandria, Kitty  
Retire for Leses Than You Think Brock, Fred  
Mississippi One    
Million Litle Pieces    
My Friend Lenin    
Shock Robin  
Brief History of the Dead    
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close    
Babylon on Bus Neumann, Jeff  
Terrorist Updike, John  
Theft Carey, Peter  
Londonstani Gautman, Malkans  
Foreign Correspondent Furst, Alan  
Moonlight Hotel Anderson, Scott  
Strange Piece of Paradise Jetnz, Terri  
The Looming Tower : Al Quiada and the Rode to … Wright, Lawrence  
The Grace that Keeps the World Bailey, Tom  
Night Life Perry, Thomas  
River Dragon has Come Dr. Ching  
Subscriber Theory on Film    
Creating Brain Andreasen, Nancy The Neuroscience of Genius
The Mature Mind Cohen, Gene The positive power of the Aging Brain
Three-pound Enigma Moffett, Shannon The human brain and the quest to unlock its mysteries.
My Father’s Notebook Abdolah, Kader To Understand the father, Iranian son must translate a notebook written in cuneiform.
Reread XML for th World Wide Web, Elizabeth Castro    
Role Call Mosely, Matt  
Broker Grisham, John  
The Dying Gaul    
(Like Syriana) Bear  
Year of Magical Thinking Didion, Joan  
Visual Basic.Net Moore, Karl  
Strategy Maps Kaplan  
High Cost of Low Prices Greenwald, Robert  
What Makes Walmart Work and Drive Every one Else    
All in  Red to Left    
Joe Celko’s SQL Programming Style Celko, Joe How to develop standards for your SQL, tricks, techniques
Joe Celko’s SQAL for Smarties:  Advanced SQL Programming Celko, Joe New examples and updates, schema design, war stories.
Joe Celko’s Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties Celko, Joe  
How to Build a Business Rules Engine: Extending Application Functionality through Metadata Engineering. Chisholm, Malcolm Components of a rules engine, organization issues that determine success.
XML in Data Mgmt: Understanding and Applying them together Aiken, Peter, and Allen, David.   Reader will understand uses of xml, its component architecture, strategic implications. Guidance for data mgrs to measured decisions about xml within organizations
Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture Barry, Doug  
Foundations of Multidimensional and Metric Data Structures Samet, Hanan  
Spatial Databases: With Applications on GIS Rigaux, Philippe  
Business Modeling and Data Mining Pyle, Dorian  
Data Preparation for Data Mining Pjyle, Dorian  
Java Web Services Architecture McGovern, James  
Grand Coteau, Holy Land of South Louisiana Angers, Trent  
Where is God Sobrino, John, S.J.  
God, I have Issues Thibideaux, Mark  
Elegant Universe, & Fabric of the Cosmos Green, Brian  
Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties ($34.95) Celko, Joe  
SQL Programming Style ($24.95), Sql For Smarties    
…advanced SQL programming ($49.95)    
Exporting America Dobbs, Lou  
  Martin Amis  
The Perfect Diet Sanders Look up Keytones
Photographers’ Guide to Web Publishing Saunders, Charles MUST RE-READ
No Country For OldMen McCarthy, Cormac MUST RE-READ
The Planets Sobel, Dava  
Teacher Man McCourt, Frank  
Never Have Your Dog Stuffed Alda, Alan  
New Rules Moher, Bill  
Never Let Me Go Ishiguro, Uazuo Science Fiction
Ender Series Card, Oscar, Scott Ender Wiggin
    Shadow Puppet
    Speaker for the Dead
    (Joey Carson’s Favorites)
Nickel Creek    
Foundations Asamov, Isaac  
Memories of My Melancholy Whores Marquez, Gabriel Garcia  
On Beauty Smith, Zadie  
Animals in Translation Grandin, Temple & Johnson, Catherine  
Th Lost Art of Compassion Ladman, Lorne  
My Depression Swades, Elizabeth  
Dress Your Family in Cuordoroy & Denim Sedaris, David  
Life Guard Patterson  
TheWorld is Flat Friedman, Thomas  
The Secret Man Woodward, Bob  
On Bull Shit Frankfuter, Harry  
America, The Book Steward, Jon  
Until I Find You Irving, John In Houston 8/8
  John updike In Houston 2/27
No Country For Old Men Cormac,McCarthy  
The Thirty-first of March Busby, Horace LBJ's final days
SHAM Steve Salerno On Self-help Scam
Doub LE Cross B lind Ross, Joel World War II Thriller
Household Petand Urban Alteration Phineas, Charles 1974
The Animal Estate: The English and Other Creaqtures in the Victorian Age Ritvo, Harriet 1987
Renaissance Beasts; Of Animals, Humans, and Other Wonderful Creatures Fudge, Eric 2004
Creation of Empire: How Domestic Animals Transformed Early America DeJohn, Virginia 2004
The Lost Wolves of Japan Walker, Brett 2005
Society & Animals; Journal of Human-Animal Studies  
Animal Liberation Singer, Peter 2002
Dress Your Family in Curoduro and Sedaris, David  
Start Where You Are Chodron  
One Shot Child, Lee  
The Traveler Twelve Hawks, John Tibet
Alibi Kanon, Joseph  
Sky Burial Xinran  
Mad Girls in Love West, Michael Lee  
Snow Pamuk, Orhan  
Other book by Author of ? Fighters/Boxers  
A Long Way Down Hornby Nicholas  
The Athena Factor Gear, Michael  
Kiss Me Like a Stranger Wilder, Gene  
Faithful Sigerson, Davitt Erotic, between devotion and obsession
Inner Circle Boyle, T.C.  
The Falls Oates, Joyce Carol  
Sp ,Annice Callahan, R.S.C.J. and Simone Weil.  Next to read was Mertin
Iritual Guides for Today    
Dynamic HTML, The HTML Developer’s Guide. Jeff Rule I copied some of the pages.
Nickel & Dimed: On Not Getting By in America Ehrenreich, Barbara  
Fear of Falling; the Inner Life of the Middle Class Ehrenreich, Barbara  
102 Minuets: Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside Twin Towers Dwyer, Jim  
The Ha Ha King, David  
The End of Faith Harris, Sam  
Power of the Dog Winslow, Bob  
Reading Lolita in Tehran    
The Acolyte    
Lost Art of Compassion Ladner, Lorne  
Infinite Life Thurman  
Digital Photography for Dummies    
Chasing the Devil’s Tail Fulmer, David Detective St. Cyr solves mystery in New Orleans; a lot of authentic history.
Excel 2003 Programming--A Developer's Notebook Wgg. Jeff  
Chauder, Joshua 1-800-999-9387 Emerging Technology ServicesSpamlot
SpamLot Monty Python A Musical
Spm Kings: The Real Story Behind th High-Rolling Hucksters Pushing Porn, Pills and @*?% Enlargements McWilliams, Brian O'Reilly Media, 322 pp, $22.95
Plot Against America, Roth, Phillip  
Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life; How to Really Grow Up Hollis, James  
Blink Gladwell, Malcolm Author of Tipping Point
Rockville Pike Coll, Susan Suburban mom cought in trap
Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston 12129 Bellaire Blvd 281-568-1568,
You Remind Me of Chaoln, Dan  
Kiss me like a Stranger Wilder, Gene  
When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops Carlin  
The Secret Universe of Names   Feinson, Roy
Sexy, The Falls, Rape: A Love Story Oates, Joyce Carol These are 3 books
The Final Frontiersman Campbell, James  
Kabbalah 365; Daily Fruit from the Tree of Life Winkler Gershon  
The Inner Experience, Notes on Contemplation Merton, Thomas  
Dark Nights of th Soul: A Guide for Finding Your Way Through Life's Ordeals Moore, Thomas  
How to Pray Without Being Religious; Finding Your Own Spiritual Path Moon, Jannell  
The Buddha in Our Time Mishra, Pankaj  
Make Love with a Porn Star    
StripTease Anderson, Pamela  
Pornoland Amis, Martin  
Persepolis 2 Satrapi, Marjane  
In the Shadow of No Towers Spiegelman, Art  
The Plot Against America Roth, Phillip  
The Stuff of Life: A Daughter’s Memoir Karbo, Karen  
I am Charlotte Simons, Wolfe, Tom  
The Death penalty on Trial Kurtis, Bill Ordered
The Status Syndrome; How Social Standing affects our Health & Lonjgevity Mirmot, Michael 613 M352 
The Church that Forgot Christ Breslin, Jimmy  
Tokyo Does’t Love us Anymore Loriga, Ray  
Father Joe, The Man who Saved My Soul Hendra, Tony Hendra
Bringing Down the House Mezrich, Ben  
Reading Lolita in Tehran Nafiss, Azar Bestseller, B9146
1000 Places to See before you Die Schultz, Patricia 910.202 S387   
The House on Mango Street Cisneros, Cisneros
Ester and Ruzya: How my Grandmothers Survived Hitler”s War and Stalin’s Peace Gessen, Masha  
Rats Sullivan, Robert 599.3521756 S951 
The 20th Train Sehreiber, Marion 3 ambushed train to
The Best Poems of the English Language Bloom, Harold 940.531835 S378 
Learn Fast and Remember More Gamon, David  153.15 G194 
What’s the Matter with Kansas Frank, Thomas bestseller
The Shadow of the Wind Zafon, Carlos Ruiz Lots of Twists
In Praise of Slowness Honore, Carl  
A Vinetian Affair Robilant, Andrea D.  945.31 D599 
A Grammar book for you and I Good, C.Edward