My Background in a Nutshell

I was born in Omaha, Nebraska and completed high school at Creighton Prep there. I attended St. Louis University and Spring HIll College (Mobile, Alabama) where I graduated with a degree in Biology. My graduate work on my Masters in Biology was at Creighton University. After some special training in Information Technologoy, I worked over many years in companies include these industries: Architecture-Engineering (Henningson, Durham & Richardson), Computer manufacturing and sales(HP/Compaq), Natural Gas Exploration and Distribution (Enron), Electricity Distribution (Reliant Energy), and Oil Distribution (Shell). My roles included systems programming, design, analysis, teaching classes, data design and analysis, and marketing promotion. Recently, after retiring from Shell, I began doing consulting work with LogicU, a consulting firm in Austin, TX. (See the info on my work with LogicU.)