LogicU And My Role

Recently, after retiring from Shell, I began doing consulting work with LogicU, a consulting firm in Austin, TX. (See the info on my work with LogicU.). LocigU is a consulting firm in Austin, TX that specializes in the Semantics piece of data mangement (See my discussion of Semantics I had a vision of tying my knowledge of the petroleum industry to the science of semantics. Oil companies each have theirown terms and ways of describing things. Yet it's basically the same business for all of them. Further more, competitors in that industry are also sometimes partners. They partner with each other by sharing real estate, storing gasoline in common trerminals, and exchanging sales at different locations based on closeness in proximity to storage tanks. So the idea was to build a common logical model of the oil industry data and share it through a Wiki. LogicU has the skills in providing semantics training, and having a true business model to work with would enhance that training.