Wife Marilyn Daughter Rose Pets
Marilyn currently works at the Bristow Group, a company offering commercial helicopter services, where she is manager of travel services and office administration. Marilyn's personal interests include cycling, caring for animals,quilting, and baking. Her baking skills are based on growing up with a family-owned bakery. Regarding quilting, you can view some of her quilting work from a few years ago. Rose studied Political Science and earnedher under-graduate degree in Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis and her masters edgree at the University of Houston.--specializing in statistical analysis. In the 90s she worked to support BIllClinton in Houston; a picture of her with the president is shown below.She currently is a Data Manager at a medical research company in Houston. Our pets include a cat Scarlet, and dogs Joey and Barbie. Barbara is a boxer, hence her name is that of a California Senator. Joey is a dalmatian with some other genes mixed in. Both dogs were rescued from being abandoned. Joey earned his undergraduate degree in training school and can now sit, stay, heel, and several other things.
Dave and Family
Dave is a Major in the U.S. Marines flying the Harrier in the U. S. Marine Corps. (On this site you can learn about the harrier or see pictures of Dave getting wings many years ago). His current assignment is in New Birn, North Carolina. He has been assigned overseas for many years including Iraq and Africahas has taught flying the T45 to up-coming marines. f.His interests include playing the banjo, extreme exercise, traveling, and helping his kids grow up.

Sarah is a High School Conunselor andshe, like Dave, enjoys extreme exercise in running, biking and swimming. Son Dave and Sarah have two children, Jack and Megan.

Megan, Dave, Sophie, Sarah, Jack Rose with President Clinton